Judge Atticus Zenas has seen too much from his front-row seat in Family Court. For ten years, he has witnessed the neglect and abuse of children, the rise of domestic violence, the tragedy of fatherlessness, the hazards of co-habitation, the casual ease of drive-through divorce and, sadly, the slow death of marriage.  

As he struggles to pick up the pieces of his own life and protect helpless children, he is on the ragged edge of falling apart himself.  Amidst the daily chaos of court, Judge Z makes a journey of discovery to find that marriage is more than a legal contract - it is God's best metaphor for his relationship of love with us.

The wisdom of his mother Beulah, bizarre court cases. law school discussions, Sundays at a country church, a trip to India and judicial conduct charges that could destroy his career all bring him face-to-face with the question that confronts America...................

Is marriage “irretrievably broken?”

The surprising answer is cause for hope.

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